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Amazing Animals of Disney's Animal Kingdom

A Walking Tour of Disney's Zoo

Final release with acknowledgements May 2022

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Princess Quest

An Adventure into the Forbidden Lands

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Princess Quest

 Kira, the fearless pre-teen princess of the mythical kingdom of Latavia, has trained her whole life to rule until her father remarried and a male heir was born. When the new prince is kidnapped, Kira becomes a suspect. Kira and her childhood friend, Henry, must lead a quest through the Forbidden Lands to save her kingdom, prove her loyalty, and discover her heart. They encounter twin trolls that want to eat them, a monstrous mountain that won’t let them pass and a poison snake bridge that threatens their lives. But these dangers are not what they must fear the most. An exciting tale for all ages!  Written by  Chandra Jerome and based on a screenplay by Sandra Jerome  . Illustrations by Laura Swadell Ailes and Tulaasi Jerome.  Based on a screenplay by Sandra Cook Jerome Order Princess Quest on Amazon.

"What a captivating adventure with beautiful illustrations and fantastical creatures! I really appreciated Princess Kira‘s strength and character and her special friendship with Henry. I am eager to follow along on their future quests with my sons! I LOVE the strong female main character! " Amy Delk, professional teacher currently homeschooling her three sons.

This book hits all the marks of strength, courage, and wonderment; superb story.” - Sally Shelton, School Social Worker 

  "It was a fun adventure that can be enjoyed by either boys or girls, both have strong positive attributes. It will be fun to follow the characters on their continuing adventures." Gayle Higby, grandmother of three. 

Future Books in the Princess Quest Series


Princess Kira and Sir Henry are given the task of mapping the Western border, but when they finally find the west, they are shocked to find out that not only are they lost, but the inhabitants of the north are not Latavians – or even human.


Princess Kira and Sir Henry are sent to Romaland to get a new treaty signed by the provincial government, but when they reach the kingdom, neither are prepared for the odd customs of the Romalanders – especially what they eat.


This year, Princess Kira is in charge of the war games between Latavia and Romaland. When the games go terribly wrong, Kira and Henry must convince both sides that this is not war.


Princess Kira finds out that she must marry by the time she turns sixteen or give up the throne to her uncle. Henry and Kira have always loved each other, but are they in love? King Stephen’s nephew has another plan for Princess Kira to finally unite the kingdoms.


Kira is finally crowned the ruler of Latavia, but the weight of ruling the kingdom causes Kira to lose her friends, family, and most importantly Sir Henry. It takes the twin trolls to help Kira find a way to rule her kingdom and preserve her heart.

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Available Screenplays

Delta Pi – Delta Pi is a comedy in the Legally Blonde style about the first girl to pledge a fraternity. After a name mix up and a cruel trick gets Jordan an invitation to join a prestigious law fraternity where she finds that the only room left in town might be the only place where she belongs. Quarterfinalist Scriptalooza, Semi-finalist in the screenwriting contest, First Round Finalist Open Door/Benderspink, Second-round Austin Film Festival, Top 100 in Scriptshark.  Read Delta Pi

Last Hand – Drama - Madison is the best blackjack dealer and card counter in Las Vegas but is she good enough to win a million dollars? Quarterfinalist in Nicholl Fellowship, Top 10 Finalist in, Second-round finalist Austin Film Festival. Read Last Hand

First Man - A romantic comedy. Jake expected a lot of unusual things to happen during his career as a major league baseball player, but marrying the President wasn’t one of them. Are we ready for a male “first lady?” Quarterfinalist Scriptalooza, Semifinalist in's New Millennium Celebrations, Screenplay Contest. Semi-Finalist in the Chesterfield Writer’s Film Project. Quarterfinalist in Nicholl Fellowship. Second-round Austin Film Festival. Read First Man

Backup - A medical thriller. When a dying doctor develops a procedure to "backup" his mind to a computer, a young single mother suspects her son has become the next step in the experiment. Top 10 finalist in's New Millennium Celebrations, Screenplay Contest. Honorable Mention – Willamette Screenwriting Contest. Read Backup

Aloha Princess – Drama - Kalani can’t wait to get off the islands and start film school at USC – but she doesn’t have the tuition money and reluctantly enters a hula contest. When she needs the help of her estranged Hawaiian relatives to win the prize money, she gets caught up in their struggle for Hawaiian sovereignty and her own royal destiny to be the next Queen of Hawaii. Semi-finalist in the screenwriting contest. Second-round Austin Film Festival.  Read Aloha Princess

Use of Deadly Force – Female action/adventure about the takeover of a nuclear power plant. Teresa Ramirez is a fearless member of an elite security force at a nuclear power plant. When terrorists take over the plant, Teresa must struggle to protect her family, the public, and most of all - her honor. First Place Winner of A/Exposure Contest. Read Use of Deadly Force

Time for Lily – A comedy about time. Lily sits in "God's waiting room" at a rest home with too much time on her hands. As a single parent trying to start her own business, Megan never has enough time. When their lives become switched, they must learn to survive in someone else's moment in time. First-Round Finalist in Script Magazine Open Door Contest. Read Time for Lily

Princess Quest – Children/Animation - Kira, the fearless Princess of the mythical kingdom of Latavia, had trained her whole life to rule until her father remarried and a male heir was born. When the child is kidnapped, Kira must lead a quest through forbidden lands to save her kingdom, prove her loyalty, and discover her heart. (Also a children’s chapter book for children/young adults.) Quarter Finalist in Scriptapalooza Competition. Semi-Finalist in the Chesterfield Writer’s Film Project. Read Princess Quest

Heavenly Things - a romantic comedy. When a minister poses as a car salesman he finds not only that he has a talent for selling cars, but for attracting the opposite sex. Semifinalist in's New Millennium Celebrations, Screenplay Contest. Read Heavenly Things

Just Shy of Perfect - A romantic comedy. What if two people met in an overcoming shyness seminar? Better yet, what if neither one of them belonged there? Read Just Shy of Perfect

Last Woman - What if you were the last woman on Earth? Sci-Fi Thriller. Danielle uses a device created by her security company to send her safely to a parallel universe when her life is threatened. When she discovers the reality of this other world, she must decide whether to live the rest of her life alone or return to a world more horrible than she can imagine.  Read Last Woman

Produced screenplays;

The Baby- is a dramatic short, based on the short story, L"Enfant written by Octave Mirbeau in 1885. It is a morbid tale of the trial of a man accused of killing his newborn child. Produced by a first-time film producer/director, Patrick Query.

Runaway Cricket is now sold and being produced by (animation company.)

Author News

Sandi Jerome's animation script - Runaway Cricket is in production at

Two Scripts by Sandi Jerome selected for Nicholl Fellowship Quarterfinals

The Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting program is an international competition open to screenwriters who have not earned more than $5,000 writing for film or television. Entry scripts must be the original work of a sole author or of exactly two collaborative authors. Entries must have been written originally in English. Adaptations and translated scripts are not eligible. Up to five $30,000 fellowships are awarded each year. Two of Sandi Jerome's scripts, LAST HAND and FIRST MAN were select out of a record breaking 6,048 entries to be among the 320 that advance to the next round.

Use of Deadly Force by Sandi Jerome wins contest

Sandi Jerome is the First Place Winner of A/Exposure Contest - Annually, this site is visited by over 250,000 producers, studio executives, director, actors, writers etc., from ALL over the world. People in Europe are especially keen on material penned by American writers.

 Sandi Jerome selected as a semi-finalist in the Chesterfield Project

The Chesterfield Writer’s Film Project (WFP) offers fiction, theater, and film writers the opportunity to begin a career in screenwriting. This year, up to five writers will be chosen to participate, and each will receive a $20,000 stipend to cover his or her living expenses. The WFP writers are chosen by competition, and evaluated on the basis of prose and dramatic writing samples. Selected writers form a screenwriting workshop in Los Angeles, using their storytelling skills to begin a career in film. Each year, a mix of writers--fiction, theater, and film--has been chosen to participate. Each year, some of these writers have been affiliated with university writing programs, and others have been unaffiliated.  During the Fellowship year, each writer creates two original, feature-length screenplays. Throughout the program, selected film professionals and Paramount Pictures executives serve as mentors, sharing their opinions and experience with the Fellows. In past years, the group of mentors and guest speakers has included David Koepp (Jurassic Park), Scott Frank (Get Shorty), Pen Densham (Robin Hood: Price of Thieves), Andy Walker (Sleepy Hollow), Tom Schulman (Dead Poets Society), Harold Ramis (Analyze This), Warren Beatty (Reds), Nicholas Kazan (Reversal of Fortune), Buck Henry (The Graduate), Robin Swicord (Little Women), James Toback (Bugsy), and John Briley (Ghandi). At year’s end, WFP writers are introduced to various literary agents and agencies. Each writer has two quality screenplays to use as talent samples in the pursuit of writing assignments within the film industry at large. Upon graduation from the program, many WFP writers have been signed by major literary agencies including the Creative Artists Agency, the William Morris Agency, and the United Talent Agency. WFP writers have been hired for writing assignments and have had scripts acquired by Tom Hanks, Quincy Jones, Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, Wesley Snipes, and Francis Ford Coppola, as well as various studios and production companies including Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., The Walt Disney Company, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, MGM, United Artists, New Line Cinema, American Zoetrope, Imagine Entertainment, and DreamWorks. In the past several years, 15 films by WFP alumni have been produced, including Warner Brothers’ “A Walk To Rmember,” Gramercy’s “The Matchmaker” (starring Janeane Garofalo), TNT’s “Hope” (directed by Goldie Hawn and starring Christine Lahti and J.T. Walsh), Paramount’s “Breakdown” (starring Kurt Russell; uncredited rewrite), Warner Brothers’ “Free Willy 2” (produced by Richard Donner), Universal’s “Julie Johnson” (starring Courtney Love), and Timothy Hutton’s directorial debut “Digging to China” (starring Kevin Bacon and Mary Stuart Masterson). Chesterfield intends to produce the best of each program year’s work. For each screenplay produced, Chesterfield will pay its author no less than the current minimums established by the Writers Guild of America

Artists and Authors

Chandra Jerome is a graduate of Florida State University and is the author of a children's book; Sully the Spider Learns to Be Nice. She grew up in Oregon and attended the Eugene Waldorf School before moving to Florida. Chandra has traveled, worked and lived all over the world including a few years in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. She has taught English to school children in Bali and yoga at a retreat center in New Zealand. Chandra is a 900-hour RYT yoga instructor and lives in the Rocky Mountains. 

Sandra Cook Jerome is a technical writer for the software industry and a CPA. She has written numerous mass-market computer self-help guides along with reviews of accounting and early childhood educational software for major computer magazines. She has an advanced degree in screenwriting from UCLA and has written dozens of award-winning scripts with one animated script being produced by Princess Quest, the screenplay that was adapted for this book was a quarter-finalist in the Scriptapalooza Competition and a semi-Finalist in the Chesterfield Writer’s Film Project.  As a member of the Cherokee Nation, Sandi is currently writing a middle school fantasy fiction novel inspired by her ancestors; Sleep Warrior along with the next Animal Kingdom guide to the Amazing Birds and Fish.   Learn more at 

Laura Ailes - is Sandi's childhood friend, a former flight attendant,  an interior decorator, designer, and did the illustrations for Princess Quest.

Tulaasi Jerome did the map for Princess Quest and has an Etsy site and creates Rainbow designs - View her  Esty site.


We have designed a few websites;  YogaiTeach and Sandi Jerome Computer Consulting.  Our websites often use databases for login security and data storage.  We use PHPRunner and MariaDB for most of our database design.

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About Smiling Eagle

Smiling Eagle Press publishes children's book, computer help guides, and books that focus on travel, health and well-being including a vegan lifestyle.  We publish using Amazon's KDP publishing app and Ingram Books - Ingram Spark. We work with two illustrators; Tulaasi Jerome and Laura Ailes.  SmilingEagle Press is currently producing the children's book Princess Quest, adapted by Chandra Jerome and Sandra Jerome from the screenplay by Sandra Jerome.   Smiling Eagle Productions has designed websites for and